At The Howley Law Firm, we are passionate about helping individuals seek justice. After many years defending multinational corporations, we formed this law firm to give individual executives, professionals, and employees the same high-quality legal representation. We focus on representing individuals in the areas of employment rights in New York and whistleblower rewards nationwide.

Widespread Experience With an Individual Approach

With two experienced attorneys and a keen eye for quality, our small law firm is able to dedicate more one-on-one time with our hand-picked clients. Our principal attorney, John Howley, Esq., meets with clients personally to discuss their needs, in addition to handling all strategic decisions, drafting briefs, and appearing in court. Our co-lead counsel, Leandro B. Lachica, Esq., contributes his unique insights and experience to make sure each case moves forward efficiently. We sincerely believe that this approach better serves our clients and produces superior results.

For a small law firm in New York City, The Howley Law Firm has an unprecedented level of experience to offer. Whether you’ve experienced unfair treatment in your workplace or want to blow the whistle on corporate fraud, we will go above and beyond to make sure justice is served. Complete our contact form or give us a call at 212-601-2728 to speak with one of our lawyers in person.