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Atty. Leandro “Lindy” Lachica:  The Healthcare Professional’s Best Advocate

The Howley Law Firm would not be where it is today without our secret weapon:  Leandro “Lindy” Lachica

Lindy is an employment litigator with a fascinating twist.  Before joining our law firm, he was a foreign diplomat who helped Filipino healthcare professionals in this country by working directly, government-to-government, with our state and federal Departments of Labor, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and other government agencies.

After earning undergraduate and law degrees from the University of the Philippines, Lindy began his legal career as a litigator with a prominent law firm in Manila.  He practiced there for several years before deciding to join the Philippine Foreign Service.

Lindy worked his way up the ladder as a career diplomat with the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs.  This led to an appointment as Vice Consul and Third Secretary of the Philippine Embassy in Australia.  He spent much of his time in that post helping the very large Filipino expat community address problems and concerns with labor, employment, and immigration issues.  In his spare time, he earned a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the Australian National University in Canberra, and gained admission to practice as a solicitor in New South Wales, Australia.

Lindy’s next posting was in New York, where he served as Consul of the Philippine Consulate General.  As Consul, Lindy was the senior legal officer responsible for representing the Philippine Government in the United States and helping Philippine citizens with employment and immigration issues.  

As a diplomat, Lindy helped literally thousands of Filipino nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals resolve disputes involving employment contracts, overtime and prevailing wages, discrimination, hostile work environments, and human trafficking.  He also supported the efforts of private lawyers pursuing employment-related class actions.

Through this work, Lindy gained unique insights into the employment issues faced by healthcare professionals and how best to help them.  And, in his spare time, he was admitted to practice as a lawyer in the state and federal courts in New York.

Since joining The Howley Law Firm, Lindy has used all of his experience to help our clients resolve their employment and immigration issues.  He has been especially helpful to our healthcare professional clients in employment disputes, including most recently in our victories for Filipino nurses and physical therapists in prevailing wage lawsuits.

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