While I have missed the camaraderie of judges and lawyers, and I cannot wait to stand before a jury again, our courts have finally been forced to adopt efficiencies that should have been adopted long ago.

Routine court conferences and motions are now completed in half an hour by phone or videoconference instead of taking up half a day going to the courthouse, waiting for your case to be called, and then going back to your office.  I’ve even argued and won two appeals in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit from my home office “studio.”  

Once you get the hang of it, most depositions can be taken via videoconference.  Interrogating a witness who is staring at you on a computer screen, and controlling what portions of the document are shown on the screen, can often give you more control than an in-person deposition.

Many settlement negotiations can also be conducted remotely.  I’ve settled more than a dozen cases during this pandemic with mediators going into separate Zoom “rooms” with the parties.

While we still meet with clients in person, many clients find it more convenient to meet and share documents over a secure videoconference.  No need to take time off from work.  No worries about who will watch the children.  No traffic or train delays.

How has the pandemic caused you to go forward to better?

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