Continuing the Howley Family Tradition

Clients often ask “what else” we do at The Howley Law Firm.  We stay focused on what we do best:  representing employees and professionals in employment disputes and as whistleblowers.

The more important question is why we take on these cases.  We do it because people deserve the same high-quality representation that corporations have.

We didn’t have to look far for inspiration.  My father, John J. Howley, was a trial lawyer in Rockaway.  He represented people in his community who needed help.  With just himself and a secretary, he took on corporations, insurance companies, and government agencies.

He was known in New York courthouses as “Ever-ready Howley” because he was always ready to take a case to trial before a jury.  I’ll never forget going to court with him as a young boy.  During closing arguments, my father would stand behind his client and tell the story of a terrible injustice.  As he walked the jury through the evidence, he reminded them that this injustice happened to the human being sitting in front of them.  It usually didn’t take the jury long to come back with a verdict in his client’s favor.

Years later, when I graduated from law school and was offered a position at a large law firm (now known as Arnold & Porter), my father encouraged me to take it.  He had never worked at a large firm, but he knew that I would get valuable experience.  He was right.

The lawyers at that firm are some of the best trial and appellate lawyers in the country.  For 20 years, we worked together on the largest employment class actions in U.S. history.  Every single one of my colleagues taught me something important about being a lawyer and getting the best results for our clients.

Since 2012, I have been using all that experience to continue the family tradition.  At The Howley Law Firm, I represent people in their most important cases, just as my father did for more than 60 years.  I look forward to putting that experience to work for you.

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