Fighting back against sexual harassment requires more than evidence and a good lawyer.  You need to be mentally and emotionally prepared to stand up for your rights.  

Here are some tips from The Howley Law Firm to help you get started.

Confide in a Close Friend

Tell someone close to you what is happening at work. Simply telling a sympathetic listener will relieve some stress. You will be empowered by the knowledge that you are not alone, no matter what is happening at work.

A trusted friend can help you make wise decisions. You should not make important decisions such as starting a lawsuit when your judgment may be clouded by anger, stress or fear.  Having the support of a close friend or family member can help you reach a state of mental and emotional confidence.

Your confidant may also become an important witness if you decide to pursue legal action. He or she may be able to corroborate your timeline of events, the emotional impact the harassment had on you at the time, and the continuing effects today.

Get Professional Counseling

Doctors are taught that they should never self-diagnose. The same advice applies to the rest of us who lack their medical education and training.

Healthcare professionals have the training and experience necessary to identify subtle effects on your psyche. While most people in this field are by nature compassionate, as professionals they are also committed to giving you objective advice. Unlike a family member or close friend who might “pull punches” because they do not want to hurt your feelings, a healthcare professional can tell it to you straight. You need that balance of professional advice and unconditional support.

These benefits alone are good enough reason to seek professional help, whether or not you ever start a lawsuit.  Seeking professional counseling or therapy before you see a lawyer will also help you succeed in court. The fact that you sought professional help, on your own, may help convince a judge or jury that your emotional harm is real.

Be Confident, Strong, and Proud

You did nothing wrong. This situation is not your fault. You have no reason to be fearful, anxious, or ashamed. The only people who should have those feelings are the people who have harassed you at work, and the people who did nothing to stop it.

The harassers are cowards. They appear to be extremely confident when harassing others and getting away with it. But truly confident people do not harass or bully anyone. The need to harass and bully others comes from a deep sense of insecurity in the bully.

Your harassers are the weak ones. When you fight back from a position of emotional balance and confidence, justice will prevail.

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