In the state of New York, most employees are considered to be working "at will" and can be fired without reason. That said, you cannot be fired for an improper or illegal reason. Wrongful termination can occur:

  • When you are fired in violation of your employment contract or collective bargaining agreement
  • When you are fired for discriminatory reasons like age, sex, or race
  • When you are fired for raising concerns about discriminatory, illegal, or unsafe conduct in your workplace

Holding Employers Accountable

Here at The Howley Law Firm, we strongly believe that employers should be held accountable for their actions. We take great satisfaction in working closely with employees and resolving their employment issues in an efficient, fair, and beneficial manner. If you believe you have been wrongfully fired, contact us to explore the legal options at your disposal. Our attentive employment discrimination lawyers are standing by to address your questions and concerns.